Firsts! - January 7, 2016 - First Kiss, First Time Living Away From Parents; First Time Swimming

January 24, 2017

On the January 2017 Firsts, we meet Sara, who sells ads!  We learn why Carter's Woods was THE make out spot; Sara's Hanson (the boy band)  obsession and why having your "Hanson Cake" is a deep metaphor for life; Mike's "sort of" moving out experience; and why you should always have a safe swim plan when you're "up north".

Firsts! Co-Hosted by Mike Eserkaln and Chad Nehring, with a live audience and audience volunteer guest at the Green Room Lounge in DePere.  We draw from our "Machine of Random Firsts" and discuss the topics generated.  Join us the first Saturday of each month, 11PM (or so) at the Green Room Lounge in DePere, Wisconsin for our live broadcast of "Firsts!"

A note that this podcast may contain adult language and/or content.  


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