Firsts! - July 14, 2017 - First Halloween Costume; First Elementary School Memory

July 16, 2017

On the belated July edition of Firsts! we meet Kasey from Virginia, a network news anchor from Virginia who's in town for a special event.  We talk about costumes that sounded good at the time, but left us scarred for life...including why being a lady bug is inferior to a pretty flower.  Mike channels his inner "Robin" as "Tito" and we learn how good bathroom habits can be developed with the "Red Pants of Shame."

Firsts! Co-Hosted by Mike Eserkaln and Chad Nehring, with a live audience and audience volunteer guest at the Green Room Lounge in DePere.  We draw from our "Machine of Random Firsts" and discuss the topics generated.  Join us (generally) the first Saturday of each month, 11PM (or so) at the Green Room Lounge in DePere, Wisconsin for our live broadcast of "Firsts!"

Note that this episode may contain adult content or language. 

Special Thanks to Amber Schwoerer & Eric Hasenjager. 



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