Firsts! - Remember Your First Time?

Firsts! - February 3, 2018 - First Airplane Ride; First Job

February 10, 2018

In February's edition of Firsts!, we're joined by audience volunteer Patrick.  We discuss our first airplane ride, and why Patrick prefers to ride in the lavatory.  Chad's lifelong love of aviation started with a $5 ride, and we share our love of the Recombobulation Area in Milwaukee.  Moving on to our first jobs, we learn how Mike while caddying managed to still get a tip while making the player do some of the workl; and how an udder bath stimulates a cow to milk. 

Firsts! Co-Hosted by Mike Eserkaln and Chad Nehring, with a live audience and audience volunteer guest at the Green Room in DePere.  We draw from our "Machine of Random Firsts" and discuss the topics generated.  Join us (generally) the first Saturday of each month, 11PM (or so) at the Green Room in DePere, Wisconsin for our live broadcast of "Firsts!"  Come and see our new location, just a few doors down, 363 Main St, opening March 1st!   

Note that this episode contains adult language.

Special Thanks to Kevin MacLeod for the theme music, and Sean Yahn for working the board!  

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